Welcome to Open Gate Real Estate. Growing investments and building teams that contribute to safe affordable housing in the Metro Atlanta area. Proven strategies that combine years of experience and tested expertise for connecting winning networks of buyers and sellers. Leveraging advantages of healthy relationships for ongoing discovery of qualified opportunities.





Awareness comes in all shapes and

sizes. Everyone has a different one today and hopefully gets changed 

tomorrow  but no one has a complete one.

Open Gate Real Estate is a family owned business practicing the American dream. It is a product of increasing awareness. I could see myself with Cheetos crumbs on my shirt watching the science fiction movies I enjoy so much and never having a thought in my head about anything more. But I became aware of the love of my life. I met my “spicy Import” in the Philippines during Desert Shield while serving onboard the USS Worden CG-18  during Desert Shield. 

Eventually, my awareness increased to the place where I knew our life is more than our-self. Your life is happiest when you give it away. Thank you Jesus. 



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